Walking Volunteer Team


Thank you!

You are making an enormous difference! This morning plants a seed for change among the young people in our community, a seed of health, happiness and environmental stewardship.

Here is what you need to know to make the day a success:

  1. Arrive at the Keene YMCA on Wednesday, May 15* at no later than 6:45 AM, parking in the upper parking lot.

  2. Put on your florescent vest, supplied at the white tent.

  3. Be ready to leave the parking lot at exactly 7:10 AM.

  4. Students must walk on the left-hand side of the road against traffic when there is no sidewalk.

  5. Obey traffic officers.

  6. Walk on the right-hand side of the students when there is no sidewalk, acting as a buffer between students and vehicles.

  7. Drop students off at the front door at the school.

Reach out with questions. I remain happy to help.

  • Rain day will be scheduled for Thursday, May 16 and will be determined by noon on Tuesday. You will receive an email announcing the day change, if needed.