Top Five Rules of the Road

Follow the top five rules of the road and get there. Safe.

Stop for People.jpg

Stop for People

Whether you are driving a bicycle or a vehicle, New Hampshire State law requires that you stop for pedestrians at crosswalks.

Get there. Safe.

Watch Your Turns.jpg

Watch for turning vehicles

Riding your bicycle? Look for people walking across the street before turning and watch for turning vehicles. Always look, whether you are walking or bicycling, before turning onto the roadway from your driveway.

Get there. Safe.

Watch for Doors Opening.jpg

Look before opening car doors.

Do the Dutch reach! Open your driver-side door with your right hand , turning to see cyclists coming up behind you.

Get there. Safe.

Ride With. Walk Against..jpg

Ride with. Walk against.

No sidewalks? Walk against the flow of traffic. Ride with traffic on a bike.

Get there. Safe.

Drive and Walk Hands-Free.jpg

Drive and walk hands free.

Whether you are driving a car or bicycle, New Hampshire state law requires you to put the phone down and focus on the road ahead. Walking across the street? Put the phone down. Watch, look and listen.

Get there. Safe.