Resource Materials

These materials were developed in partnership with a grant from the Federal Highway Administration and New Hampshire DOT under the Safe Routes to School Program.

Image for Top Five Flyers.jpg

Top Five Rules of the Road poster

These flyers were developed to support the “Top Five Rules of the Road Programming” and work best when combined with a strong educational component.

Safe Routes to School Student Handout31.jpg

Announcement Flyer

This handout is an example announcement for the week of programming and offers opportunities to learn more with an email and website.

Safe Routes to School Student Handout15.jpg

Student Information Handout

This handout was designed for distribution to support programming for Safe Routes to School Programs.

Community Resources.jpg

For More information

A guide to resource organizations in the State of New Hampshire who work to support walking and bicycling in our great state.

Safe Routes to School Student Handout.jpg


This tool kit is a compilation of national and local information as well as recent resources in the hope that other schools will be able to understand and implement their own programming with relative ease.

Top Five Handout

Print and cut to distribute to students during Safe Routes to School Event week.