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Tiffany Mannion
Safe Routes to School Program Coordinator

Tiffany Mannion has ridden over 8,000 miles in eight different countries and over 15 different states since 2016. She firmly believes that the simple act of riding a bike, at home and abroad, can change your life. She is comfortable on remote local bike paths and in traffic in Manhattan and loves the view from the saddle.

She is the Bicycle Mayor of Keene, New Hampshire and the first Bicycle Mayor in the United States, part of an innovative program organized by BYCS in Amsterdam. She is a LAB Certified Cycling Instructor and a passionate two-wheeled commuter and explorer.

Tiffany presented as part of the Mayor’s Innovation Project in Washington, DC early in 2018 and contributed to the National Bike Summit with a poster panel presentation in 2018. She has been featured in Rails to Trails Magazine and studies infrastructure for bicycles across the United States and abroad.

Her passion for two wheels is matched only by her interest in taste and travel and, with her beautiful family, is always up for an adventure.


Tiffany Mannion
Safe Routes to School Program Coordinator


Mari Brunner
Acting Planner, City of Keene



Will Schoeffmann
GIS Technician

construction project management, master plan development and system analysis, mapping and use studies. He is also the chair of the Monadnock Alliance for Sustainable Transportation (MAST) the region’s transportation advisory group through Southwest Regional Planning Commission.

Will Schoefmann is the City of Keene’s GIS Technician. He has been with the Community Development Department for over a decade managing both the City’s spatial data and helping manage the growth and maintenance of its bicycle and pedestrian network. Will’s experiences in bicycle and pedestrian planning include grant writing, planning and

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