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Safe Routes to School is a national program that aims to create safe, convenient, and meaningful opportunities for students, faculty and staff to bicycle and walk to and from schools. Safe Routes to School programming positively influences public health and local transportation, while bettering the environment and helping to overcome economic challenges. These projects and programs support community goals that collectively work to create active and safe neighborhoods.

Your Safe Routes to School program culminates in a National Walk/Bike to School Day in May, celebrated by over 5,600 communities and an International Walk to School Day in October, celebrated by over 40 countries, encouraging communities to support the benefits of walking and bicycling to and from school developing a strong, measurable difference in our local community.

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Event Week

Safe Routes to School Programming gains significant momentum when educational components are coupled with a variety of encouragement opportunities for our community of learners. The opportunities may include:

Special Events | Student Competitions | Walking School Buses/Bike trains

Walkability Checklists and Route Maps | Park and Walk Programs | After/Before School Programs

Your event week is designed to practice healthful and safe habits that connect and create a community in vehicles, on bicycles and on foot. Your Safe Routes to School Program fosters a community of learners, while reducing traffic congestion, increasing awareness of the Safe Routes to School Program, and promoting options for mobility in your neighborhood.

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Today’s students.
Tomorrow’s commuters.

The impact of Safe Routes to School Programming is measurable. We look forward to sharing the influence and impact from the week of programming.